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About MORE 2022: Make It Count

More Conference is The Salvation Army’s annual, territorial leadership conference for children’s and youth ministry leaders. Traditionally it’s been a weekend conference hosting approximately 130 delegates from New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, as well as around 25 guest speakers, preachers, and workshop presenters. Over the past few years, we’ve had a mixture of online and in person experiences as we’ve navigated our way through the ever-changing Covid restrictions. This year the Territorial Children’s and Youth Departments made an early decision to move the conference online. The event will take place over the course 5 monthly ‘episodes’ between July and November 2022, hosted here live online - COMPLETELY FREE!

This year More Conference is themed “Make it Count”. Over our five More Online episodes, we will focus on intentionality. As a ministry leader, you are part of God’s plan in the lives of the children and young people you serve. Be inspired and challenged by this awesome calling. Join us as we dive into teaching and discussion around the impact we’re having and could be having, and how we can Make It Count.

Episode One will be on Friday 22nd July, 7pm – 9pm, right here on this website!. Can’t wait to join you there for a time of learning, discussing, questioning, fun and free stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join?

YES! This year anyone and everyone can join us for More Online. There are no age restrictions, registration processes or fees involved.

How do I join on the night?

You'll be able to find the livestream right here on this website!

What will it be like?

More Online will be held over 5 monthly episodes between July 2022 and November 2022. Each episode will feature live hosts and guest speakers. The episodes will include a short presentation from the guest speaker, followed by a discussion to unpack the training further. Throughout the episode you will be invited to submit questions via a live chat which will be answered by our guests in a live Q&A session to conclude the night. While training will be served as the main course, the episodes will also include free gifts, fun, a chance to network with others in ministry leadership and handy information about what’s going on around the territory.

Will I be on screen?

No. More Online will be presented to you on a one-way video platform. Think more “Salvation Online” and less “Zoom Hui”. You will be able to interact with our live hosts during episodes via a chat mechanism.

When are the live episodes?

Episode One:
Friday 22nd July 2022 7pm – 9pm


Episode Two: August TBC

Episode Three: September TBC

Episode Four: October TBC

Episode Five: November TBC

I have some ideas for training topics.
How can I get them to you?

You can get in touch with us regarding ANYTHING by using the Contact Us form below!

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